Inspiring Earth supports clients to develop their businesses and achieve their goals through lasting solutions which ensure success. The group aims at the constant development of innovative solutions and applications in order to meet the future business needs of the companies it supports. It seeks innovative proposals and solutions that strengthen businesses and drive their growth.

GROUP of Companies

Inspiring Nature
"Louiza estate" is a high end, organic certified agro farm, unique in its location, set into the foot of a sun-kissed cliff, overlooking the Ionian Sea, in perfect harmony with nature. It exudes an intimate yet cosmopolitan feel that is bound to capture the heart and soul of its prominent guests.
Inspiring Career
We are a team with years of experience in the area of HR accepting the challenge to find the best position for you.
Educational Games
Pegneon is one of the fastest growing gaming companies on the web established in 2014. Over a year later, the company has created several games with users from all over the world. Pegneon strives to bring our users the best educational experience through gaming.